User Experience: Web Design + Content Organization

For more than the past year, I benefited Reebok International's collateral department by orchestrating a more efficient and accurate process of building catalogs and a database-driven website. I have been building increasingly complex and effective websites for over 5 years. While at Reebok, I initiated the development of an advanced web-based and fire-wall protected collateral PDF library in order to cut printing costs and increase availability of updated information.

Extending beyond the huge savings and praise from the sales force, this is an extremely beneficial project because the website can be updated effortlessly by management without using any coding. Its ease of use is proven through its effectiveness and achieved through thoughtful design and team communication. Using HTML, CSS, PHP, and a database of information, this content management system was designed from scratch to allow maximum flexibility during implementation into the current data flow process. The effectiveness and usefulness of this website can be calculated based on its tracking statistics. Beyond Reebok, I have been solving graphical solutions for over 7 years, from printed brochures to graphic identities.

I would be proud to share the letters of recommendation from my previous job – they are full of confidence in my ability to learn on the job and quickly become a productive member of a team.