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Evan Dana

JavaScript Developer

Boston, MA

Front-end manager / UI lead developer with a focus on architecting successful web experiences. Approaches challenges with engaging energy and passion, engineering efficient tooling, processes, and organization to benefit the project and team. Articulate technical and cross-domain communication enhanced by design background.

Code Highlights

  • PMC Auction App

    ReactJS 15.1.x, Redux, WebSockets,, Material-UI, Google OAuth, ES2015, Babel, Domain Modeling

    From concept through development to processing results, this live-bidding auction and raffle ticket web app exceeded expectations for learning experiences and funds raised. Working with one other developer, we started with domain models, UX whiteboarding, framework choices, and hosting discussions.

    Try the demo-version using dummy data.

    • Live bidding using websockets, ReactJS, and Redux
    • Secure sign-in using Google OAuth
    • Enforced bidding rules
    • Database and hosting using
  • Stream Correlation

    NodeJS, Polymer 2.0, WebSockets, Correlation Rank (NPM)

    Individual hackathon project intending to address the question: "What other ways can a web app add value to an HMI (human-machine interface) dashboard?"

    • Node service generates semi-random data into N streams and publishes values over WebSocket connection
    • Node service subscribes to data generator, stores subset of data, processes data for correlation, and makes processed data available over WebSockets to client UI
    • Client UI subscribes to processed data service and shows corelation graph for any streams that correlate with the specified streams
    • Initialization and installation of the above three folders is handled simultaneously with shell script
  • Previous

    D3.JS, PHP, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, HTML5, CSS3, InDesign XML Workflow

    Although fully functional and easy to update, the old version was recently abandoned to save money on unecessary hosting charges.

    • XML and XSLT drove print (InDesign) and web (PHP) résumé workflows.
    • Featured a D3.js interactive graph that highlighted my capabilities in web development, leadership, and design.
    • Responsive, mobile-friendly and quick-to-load.
    • Linked to page with example code demonstrating and annotating current tech (at the time): HTML5, jQUERY, CSS3 & LESS, XML, PHP.

Work History

  • 2016

    General Electric | GE Digital

    Sr. Software Engineer

    ES2015, Polymer, NodeJS, CI/CD, Hexagonal Architecture, Domain Modeling

    (2016 – Present)  |  Boston, MA

    Delivered complex features in a timely manner, independently and through collaboration, with utmost attention to quality. Led by example of best practices from coding patterns to agile methodologies. Translated requirements into buildable acceptance criteria, raising discussions early if needed.

    Presented modern UI framework and patterns through interactive programming session. Project managing and technical lead for side-project for GE Foundation: small team of developers and UX working off-hours to create patient intake app for local charity.

  • 2013

    Publicis.Sapient | Sapient Consulting

    Sr. Interactive Developer, L2

    ES2015, AngularJS 1.x, Aurelia, Agile, Atomic Design, JSPM, NodeJS, Continuous Integration, Hexagonal Architecture (server-side), Domain-Driven Development, Domain Modeling

    (2013 – 2016)  |  Boston, MA

    UI Lead and front-end developer with aptitude for team dynamics: group coordination, process efficiencies, and individual development. Awarded recognition for Client-Focused Delivery after client feedback on project when leading FED with recently self-taught technology.

    Years of experience in UI lead role, conducting engaging technical presentations, and as technical liason for client and internal domain teams. Enforced code quality using best practices such as John DePapa's style guide and BEM on both Agile and Atomic approach projects. Self-motivated and driven as exemplified by creation of D3.js library during bench time and initiation of effective team-building program. Advocate for code stability through unit, integration, functional, or automated visual-diff testing.

  • 2012

    Putnam Investments

    Javascript UI Developer

    JavaScript (jQuery, Highcharts), CSS, HTML, Backbone.js, Modernizr, SVN

    (2012 – 2013)  |  Boston, MA

    Extended current app by developing additional functionality and engaging UI with JavaScript. Implemented significant contributions in an Agile team to achieve business goals. Reached cross-browser functionality with collaborative discussions.

  • 2009

    Innerscope Research Inc.

    Sr. Interactive Developer, L2

    HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Photoshop, Illustrator

    (2009 – 2012)  |  Boston, MA

    Architected, implemented, and optimized dynamic internal web sites under tight time constraints. Increased efficiency through process refinement and custom application development; reduced bottle-necks. Satisfied clients by researching technical solutions, advising on options, and implementing solutions. Effectively managed graphic design interns with clear instruction and judicious direction; initiated the graphic design intern program, complete with cumulative curriculum. Conceptualized, designed, and coordinated delivery of graphical needs: marketing material, graphical information, and interactive experiences.

  • 2009

    EC Boston

    Web Developer

    HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Adobe Contribute compatibility, Photoshop, Illustrator

    (2009)  |  Boston, MA

    Facilitated and increased conversion rates by establishing new branding and easily accessible information. Worked closely with client to optimize content organization and modernize graphical feel for improved user experience. Content updatable by client without markup. Site was live September 2009 – 20011.

  • 2009

    Crimson Life Sciences

    Process Engineer

    Java (apache.poi, javax.swing), Eclipse IDE, Microsoft Office (2001 – 2007), Mac and PC platforms

    (2009)  |  Boston, MA

    Delivered high ROI by automating Excel and Word document processing. Thoroughly examined current manual processes; using diagrams and concise summary, discussed proposed solution with project stakeholders. Achieved timely project completion through appropriate architecture and schedule planning. Resulting desktop Java application eliminated unnecessary user interaction and maximized efficiency, accuracy and ease of use.

  • 2007

    Reebok International

    Graphic Designer & Process Engineer

    AppleScript, HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, FileMaker Pro, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Bridge

    (2007&nda – 2009)  |  Canton, MA

    Improved efficiency and accuracy of artwork-data workflow by authoring scripts to remove repetitive tasks. Initiated projects to enhance data communication across groups. Saved resources by in-house development of a dynamic departmental website for collateral viewing and organization; crafted simple update process with existing database. Designed and built image- and data-intensive catalogs; coordinated and automated catalog production.

Education History

  • 2005

    Rochester Institute of Technology

    Bachelor, Industrial Design

    (2001 – 2005)  |  Rochester, NY

    BFA in Industrial Design, GPA 3.84, highest honors.

    AAS in Graphic Design.
    Concentration in conversational French. Technical concentrations in Mechanical and Manufacturing Technology.

  • 2013

    Harvard Extension School

    (2013 – 2013)  |  Cambridge, MA

    Mobile Operating Systems and Applications

    Deep dive into hardware and software underlying Android and iOS operating sytems. Covered spectrum of mobile landscape and considerations for design/development of web, native wrappers, and native apps. Final project: Android "deck of cards" workout app.

  • 2014

    (2012 – 2013)  |  Stanford University Online

    Enriched and expanded skills and understanding with classes: Introduction to Python & Model Thinking & Software Engineering for SaaS. Courses included homework, lectures, and quizzes/exams.

    Topics covered: Python, Ruby on Rails, SQL, Amazon Web Services, version control with GIT, and cloud deployment with Heroku. Earned a certificate of completion for listed classes.


  • Co-leader of November Project Boston

    (2014 – 2015)  |  Boston, MA

    November Project is a free-fitness movement with "tribes" in 30+ cities across the world, with Boston as the origin.

    Developed comfort, ease, and power when speaking and writing for a large audience. Inspired self and others while designing, leading, coaching, and documenting workouts for 150-1500 athletes of all abilities. With co-leaders, cultured strong relationships that included feedback cycles.

  • D3.js Instructor

    (2015)  |  General Assembly, MA

    Engaged developers in an immersive and interactive two-night class: Introduction to D3.js. Presented using a follow-along slide deck with individually-editable code examples.

  • Co-leader and Webmaster of The Most Informal Running Club Ever (TMIRCE)

    (2010 – 2011)  |  Boston, MA

    Cultivated welcoming community of runners through attitude modeling and directing activities. Provided club necessities and member benefits through successfully managed sponsor relationships without losing sight of integrity. Positioned club for success with engaging presentation of its social impact.